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"Lipomassage is Amazing! I work out all of the time, but it still doesn't trim down certain areas. Lipomassage slimmed down the places that exercise would not. I actually lost inches and became firmer throughout my whole body.... and the best part is-it feels like a wonderful massage, never hurts or irritates. You actually pick a target area to work on and IT WORKS!!!"    

~Ann Erdmann, Accountant~

"I have experienced the lipomassage treatments at Body by Design and I can honestly say that they are amazing. I felt great after each treatment and I slept so much better. The staff there has always been very professional and friendly. I just love going there!!"v

~Anita Luce, Small Business Owner~

   "Over the past several years I had gradually been putting on unwanted pounds. I was out of shape! Although I tried various diets and programs, I was not losing weight and my self esteem was low. I decided to consult with Val Jones, owner of Body by Design.

Val put me on a weight loss and exercise program. I also started Lipomassage™ and fit™ Bodywrap treatments. My results have been outstanding! After eight weeks I am just about at my goal weight. I have lost over eleven inches and most importantly, am leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Val's medical knowledge as a Certified Nurse Practitioner for over 18 years, along with the unique treatments she has to offer, make her the number one choice for weight loss and body design in Aberdeen. I highly recommend Val Jones, Body by Design and her professional, friendly staff."

~Cheryl Lorenz, Financial Services Professional~

Listen to the testimonial by Sonda Tople below on the video clip.

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